Small Life Update....

...and wanting to share the shit out of this video.

For all those of you who aren't on Facebook I've been very quiet - this has been a good thing, things are going well.

Last Sunday My eldest son, Daniel played at local gig venue The Fleece with his band Third Ace. Not only that but they played their debut original 'Get away' for the first time! Here they are - Dan is the bassist (the one on the right)

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Recently I have mostly been making scones, workign off the excess weight I started putting on over the summer when the clubs shut down for the festival season by (yup, you guessed it..) going clubbing.. Wearing UV Orange and doing stuffs.

there you are Livejournal.. you are all caught up, Have a poll..  :p

Poll #1628099 What three 'Objects' do you associate with me and why? (Things that when you see them I inexplicably pop into your brainmeats.. not to be confused with memories you have of me :p )

First Thing...

Second Thing...

Third Thing...

Anything Else?

Yes, You're Awesome!
Yes, You're Awesome!
Yes, You're Awesome!
Not really... but you are Awesome!
Yes, You're Awesome!

Go on then... Texty box.. not much space in this one, make it count!


Meme idea made into poll because i'm procrastinating getting killed in FF for the millionth time

Poll #1551534 From Facebook, Private answers for the shy among you :)

One thing you like about me :)

One thing you don't like about me :(

One thing you think I should try :)

One thing I do that you would like to try :)

Anything else to add?


Poll :)

Poll #1548749 Things You Can Do With.... (Part 2)

1 Hairpin...

An Octopus Shaped Ice Cube...

One Eighth of a can of Relentless...

A Spoon...

A Small Scale Model of an M1 Abrams Tank...

50 Characters...

5 Characters...

1 Passion Fruit...

A UV Torch...

And Finally.. An Empty Text Box...