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I got thinking about fate the other day, do we have a predetermined destiny, or are we actually in control of where our life goes?

This came about when EzE was clearing out some stuff and found a letter from his school, apologising for fucking up in marking an exam he did, this didn't get rectified till the November after the exams, halfway thru his first term at Bristol uni, the point to this is if his exam had been marked right the first time he would be living in Cambridge now, and we'd never have met ... this set me thinking ...

Soulmates? that's another question (bought up by an episode of friends I just watched) I never believed in soulmates, one person, who is so utterly right for you, when you find them you stop looking, like the desire just disappears. That to me sounded ridiculous, it's human nature that you are on the lookout for potential mates all the time, it's a primitive instinct that keeps the human race going.

Then I met EzE. It wasn't love at first sight by any means, we got to know each other slowly, became mates, them lovers, then close friends (yeah I know, the wrong way round)
We have so much in common it's untrue, and in sharing these things I realised I was falling for him, not in the way that it hits you like a freight train, but in the way you sink onto a plush feather bed. After we sorted out that he felt the same I discovered that I'd stopped looking at other men as potential partners (I still flirt, that is as much a part of me as my lungs are) but I'd lost the desire to find out what other men would be like in bed, or as a partner. to put it bluntly, I'd lost all sexual interest in every other male on the planet. So are we soulmates? were we Destined to meet each other?

or is life like a game of final fantasy? you can do pretty much what you want but there are some parts that are 'scripted' going to happen no matter what. I just know that me and EzE are so right for each other it's quite astounding, we have our moments, but so does everyone. The sheer amount of things that had to happen a certain way for us to meet is incredible. So, are we in total control? Is everything mapped out for us and the only thing we have a choice over is what to wear for it and what to eat for lunch when it comes along? Or are we careering towards parts of life we have no control over, being able to do what we want along the way? It would be nice to hear ppls views on this.


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Mar. 14th, 2002 03:53 pm (UTC)
When I think about the series of cooincidences that have made my life the way it is, yes, I believe in fate totally. Not to the extent that I don't think we can make our lives better and different, and choose our own paths to a certain extent, but certainly I think there are people we a destined to meet, and things we are destined to do. Everyone we know and every experience we have happens for a reason. I also believe that ultimately things work out for the best. Sometimes it's obvious that a decision is yours to make, or a path is yours to choose.. but how many people can look back at their lives and NOT say, 'that changed the course of my life and I'm SO glad it happened'?

So yes, I agree. Life is a 'game of Final Fantasy'. Jeeze, you spend FAR too much time on PCs :P
Mar. 14th, 2002 04:39 pm (UTC)
Well don't forget I was uhm.. there.. when you lost all interest on any other males on the planet :p

I don't believe it's all mapped out by any means. I know that a lot of things happened that needed to in order to give you the background and chance to meet up. I know for example that kissycat1000 and I - we needed to meet as friends at first. We wouldn't have thought about each other in the way we do now otherwise. We've talked and agreed about this.

Unless of course you believe what I did was still 'fate' taking it's role. But if you can call the direct actions of another human 'fate' then you need to have a think about what fate is. If I had been feeling different that day then I wouldn't have gone down the route that lead to you and eze getting together. I guess the point is that you had an influence in my actions, which directly affected your destiny (although little did you know it at the time).

So I guess the debate goes on :)
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