Snoweh (goddesssnoweh) wrote,


Went to the doctors yesterday morning. A trip that saw me talking to her about all sorts of things, including how my christmas went, how i was feeling generally, my application for supported housing and my genetic deletion was touched upon, she seemed quite interested in that, and made a few notes into my file on the PC.

Of course, i left with a script, more anitdepressants and more sedatives - along with a shitload of B vitamins. I can only assume they found i was lacking when they did the blood work

The doctor seemed to think I was doing better, but as i explained to her,I spent alot of time with my kids, and had actually managed to find presents that went down really well, i'm still feeling all warm and fuzzy and happy about that. My doseage of citalopram hasn't been changed as i thought it may do, I'm both glad and a bit dissapointed as I havn't noticed any base level mood lift, but i was wary of what a bigger dosage would do.....

I have another appointment in three weeks, we shall see what that brings........
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