Snoweh (goddesssnoweh) wrote,



What a weekend.

Friday evening was , um , interesting.

Jon (Tsietsin) came over bearing gifts. We chatted, Listened to music, got horrendously trashed, and then paul came home, when we chattedd some more, got horrendously trashed and listened to music. um, all this ended at roughly half seven in the morning..... pictures were taken, clothes were lost, and three people's purity scores went down somewhat..... Don't know how that could have happened... I'm a little angel.....

I appear to have lost my dealer. This is irritating. I made the mistake of complaining about the last lot of pixie dust i got off of him [and for me to complain, it HAD to have been bad] He texted me back saying not to come back to him as i was the only one who had complained. The quality of his stuff has been going down in direct proportion to how mashed he's been getting. He shifts ALOT of the stuff, I doubt I was the only one who complained.
But it's ok, I have other contacts.

I just spent an ASTONISHING amount of money on a new dress.


Pictures will soon follow....

That is all.

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