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In other news

My psych evaluation came and went. I'm rather annoyed about it.

after a month of working myself up into a nervous frenzy I get there and [after being made to wait in the waiting room for 20 mins] I'm 'assesed' by a fucking SOCIAL WORKER.

The feeling i get was she was there to asses whether i was going to kill anyone in the next 24 hrs. As, in her opinion, i wasn't likely to i was basically told that they wouldn't help me, my only problem was depression and i needed counselling and support for drug and alcohol issues.

or in other words, you obviously aren't a dribbling psychopathic loon so i take it upon myself to say that the NHS doesn't want to spend money helping you.

I'm fucked off with the NHS.

and still i am no closer to unravelling me.


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