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Interview With A Cryx...

1. Describe yourself in your ideal world. What are you like as a person, what do you do with your time?

In my ideal world i'd be at peace knowing that i am an attractive person.
I'd realise that i am cute - i am sexy, my figure is good and any enlargement on top would just look stupid on me.
I'd be collared and serve a Sir or Miss unquestioningly.
I'd not be so uptight all the time, stop letting things that really don't matter wind me up to the point of distraction.
I wouldn't be depressed.
I wouldn't have scarring all over my body as evidence of self hatred turned endorphin addiction.
I'd see all my friends more often.
I'd swim. I'd be able to dive into the deep end of the swimming pool and move gracefully through the water without panic or fear.
In my ideal world i wouldn't be so afraid. I'm friendly and loving.
I give people little pleasures by designing beautiful things - Flyers, Websites, Logos, Icons, Posters.
In my ideal world i wouldn't be so broken.

2. What is your biggest regret?
I regret the first time i took a scalpel to my skin and watched the blood swell to form a glistening red sphere and then drip onto the carpet. I regret doing it a second time, and a third. By the fourth time I was addicted.

3. What is your biggest achievement?
Being able to admit that I need help.

4. What do you think is the most important life lesson you've learnt.
submission doesn’t mean turning into a doormat.

5. Tell me your favourite things

Weeeeeeeeeeee this is going to be fun!

Daniel & Andrew.
The feel of a Collar round my neck.
The feeling I get when being rewarded for pleasing the owner of the Collar round my neck.
ALTON TOWERS!! – I’m an adrenalin junkie too!
Movies – I’m a Movie whore.
DVDs – I’m a feature slut.
Cinemas – I’m a Cinema slut too!
The Final Fantasy series
Friends Cuddles Feather Duvets
Cuddling up with a Duvet and Friends and watching Movies
Spank’s Dentist chair >Grin<
Kissycat + Cryx + Dentist’s chair + Me >GRIN

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