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I'm updating this from Chris' house, where i'm looking after the kids while he goes paintballing. The day hasn't been too bad, I think it's been a bit boring for Daniel, as I have no car and no money, first he wanted to go shopping (he likes shopping). The he wanted to go to Amy's house (his cousin). Unfortunately, with no money we couldn't go shopping, and with no car we couldn't get to Amy's house.

I also have a worrying problem with my leg. I developed a rather big, oddly shaped bruise on my upper right calf. The problem is I don't remember doing anything that would cause this (and it was one of those bruises you would remember the cause of) When I press on it, however, it doesn't feel like a normal bruise, it's painful, but in a very localised place, like there's something under the skin. The more worrying thing is that this odd feeling of lumpiness / blockage is on the move. It now sits halfway up the inside of my thigh, and doesn't have to be prodded to hurt. With recently having the implant put in, this does sound frighteningly like a blood clot. I don't want to worry needlessly, but then the thought of suddenly falling over dead, or near dead isn't a nice one.

Things between EzE and I seem to be going ok, The poor guy has to cope with my first period after the implant tho, I can feel that my hormones are all over the place and i've been getting irate very easily. My breasts are tender, I feel permanently bloated & no mater how fast I run I can't get away from the stomach cramps or nausea. This all added together makes for one very unhappy Sam creature. bleugh :(

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