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Mmmmmm Guns......

EzE got his assault rifle today. Mmmmmmm. Makes me more eager to get my hands on a PSG-1
Altho my sniper rifle is going to be somewhat heavier than EzE's gun :/ I've said to EzE what will probably happen is i'll get my l33t-a$$ Sniper Rifle, find out i can't lift the thing & ask to swap :p

(To clarify, that Won't actually be happening, I much prefer the snipers spot on the field, i'm sure fifty or so helium ballons will hep out, nice neon ones >Grin< :p)

My fiddlings with LiteStep are going well, if slowly (the official litestep home is down for maintanance) EzE is being quite helpful, in between the times he insists on talking to me like an idiot. Ho Hum :)

I shall be looking at a few more downloaded themes before i attempt to make my own, this does, however, seem rediculously easy, and i do wonder if i'm missing something fairly major.

It's not a great help, however, that none of the theme authors, or indeed the LiteStep creators have decided upon a set directory and file structure. Altho i've just been informed that the makers of LS have left it up to the user to set. Sounds like a feeble excuse to me.

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