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I'm home, after a boring, mindless day at work. I've been filling envelopes with legal & general household insurance renewal folders, ALL DAY bleugh. Andy is getting better at the welcoming me home thing, but he's not too good at following up on it, he spent five mins welcoming me home nicely then sat down to (continue) playing wolfenstien online. when i tried to extract further conversation from him i got nothing much more than a series of grunts. Oh well, one can't expect miriacles now.

I've also asked him to text me during the day, two days in a row now, and he hasn't, which i'm quite dissapointed about. I know i can't reply cos of no credit ATM but it'd still brighten up my day a bit. Hey Ho.

Well i'm off to (probably unsuccessfully) try & extract some more conversation from Andy.

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