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King Kong, in Cannes, on a date with Spiderman.
Dan Dare's sitting there, scared by the killer teddy bears.
Down town, Mini mouse is slippin Micky's in the famous grouse,
while big bird spreads the word
Anybody with a heart votes love.

Judge Dredd, found dead, face down in Snoopy's bed.
Outside, Tweetie Pie's getting itchy on more supplies.
Meanwhile, Snow White gets ready for work tonight,
turning tricks with crystal tips.
Trying to make the best of it's absurd.

Puppy dogs and pussy cats in suspect suicide attacks.
Captain Kirk from Planet Earth, fights it out with Papa Smurf
Some phoney little ponies, preying on old and lonely,
making friends, robbing them
The X men taught them everything.

Betty Boop, tired of life, took vows,
became a bride of Christ
While Tin Tin's been playing at Caesar's palace live on ice.
Babar Kumbayahs with the mighty Morphin movie stars,
as big bird spreads the word
Anybody with a heart votes love.

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