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Yoinked from a forum

Mark and Peter, two friends of my family live together in a two bedroom house in a nice part of the town where we live, They live together not as housemates but as a couple and have done so for the past 2 years or so. This is common knowledge within the town with the exception of Peters parents who do not know.

One evening Peter and Mark invited Peters mother to the house for Dinner, prepared by the lads the meal was an absolute success with more than enough fine wine to follow an equally fine meal. During the course of the evening Peters and Marks guards was slipping in places and the mother being rather shrewed was picking up one or two signs that the relationship was more than just house mates.

Peter knowing his mother well, spotted this, and thinking that the evening had gone so well, decided against choosing this moment to come out of the closet as it were and tell all. Instead he chose to lie his way out of things, he told his mother " I know how this may look to you but I can assure you we are only housemates and there is nothing more in our relationship than that"

The mother accepted this and the evening continued in the same vien as earlier, with the mother leaving just after midnight the guys congratulated themselves on a great evening and vowed to continue as they have been doing for the last 2 years.

About 5 or 6 days passed since the meal when Mark said to Peter
" Have you seen the frying pan? I have looked everywhere for it and not seen it since your mother came for dinner. I am not suggesting your mother has stolen it, nor am i suggesting she has not, but the fact remains the frying pan has been missing since she was last here."

Peter was rather alarmed at this and telephoned his mother immeadiatly, There was no answer on the phone so Peter e-mailed his mother an e-mail saying
"Thank-you for a pleasant evening the other night but I have something to ask, I am in no way suggesting you have stolen our frying pan, nor am i suggesting you have not stolen it, but the fact remains that since your visit we have not been able to find it" That should prompt a reaction Peter said to Mark and sure enough it did, the mother replied with the following e-mail,

"Peter thank you for your e-mail and i am sorry you are unable to find your frying pan. I would just like to say what an enjoyable evening I had with you both, Now Peter I am in no way suggesting that you and Mark are a couple, nor am I suggesting that you are not a couple, but the fact remains that if Mark had been sleeping in his own bed then you would of found the frying pan!!!"

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