Snoweh (goddesssnoweh) wrote,

Treacherously Taken from Tiger-Tyger

Planet Goddesssnoweh

'Yeah I believe In Goddesssnoweh. But only because I'd want Him on my side during a bar fight.' (Elroy Grimley)

Religion In Goddesssnoweh's World

  • Goddesssnowehism 32%
    (377,488,193 believers)
  • Impanelsity 13%
    (153,354,578 believers)
  • Revsist 10%
    (117,965,060 believers)
  • Siddurimism 5%
    (58,982,530 believers)
  • Sorrelsist 19%
    (224,133,615 believers)
  • Widdieist 12%
    (141,558,072 believers)
  • Yachtmenism 9%
    (106,168,554 believers)

Population : 1,179,650,606
World Ends : 5th Nov 2013
Nuclear Capable : Bangladesh, Cook Islands, France, Iran, Tunisia
Nuked Countries : Bangladesh, France

Goddesssnoweh's Wrath!!

  • On 28th Mar 2006 Goddesssnoweh - Our Divine lord set a plague of seagulls loose on South Africa, who subsequently besoiled a horrific amount of bed linen nationwide.

  • God is scheduled to have a fight with World Heavyweight Boxing champion Lemmon Lynn on the 11th Apr 2011. The match is being heralded as the biggest fight of all time with most bookmakers backing Lemmon Lynn for an easy win.

  • 'Who is it amongst your World Leaders that keeps farting so offensively? Let it be known that until we find the culprit I will be pouring masses and vinegar and spolit beef into the water supply of Denmark.

The Anti-Goddesssnoweh

Lea Gunderson a 23-year-old woman from New Caledonia proved to be Anti-Goddesssnoweh.

The Saviour

When the people of Earth caught sight of their new saviour Seymour Voyle most of them burst into muffled laughter, for they did not expect their Lord to sport a Mohician and a dodgy moustache.

This is the End

The end came when our Dear Lord Goddesssnoweh was snowballed to death by a cheeky little monkey by the name of Lockwood Cullen. And the world just faded away in a blitz of snow and fire hail.

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