Snoweh (goddesssnoweh) wrote,

Archery was cool - Finally got to fulfill my childhood wish

it was less complex than i thought it was going to be - dispite the guy tutoring me trying to make out it was more complex than rocket science

they started me off left handed cos i am very very much a left eye dominant person.. but that didn't really work out and they swapped me to right handed after a couple of rounds of shooting.

i have bruises tho :( - might post some pictures of them later.

Everyone was impressed with the seemingly natural affinity i had for it - that or they were humouring me LOL

We've started with lightweight training recurve bows, they look quite small until i pick one up... from the ground it comes up past my chin - LOL

By the end of the session i was very cold tho - now i know what to expect i'll take better clothing - and maybe invest in a few sports bras too .. ouch

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