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Still immensely pissed off. But I'm going to get to see the kids tonight if all goes to plan.

EzE has requested my company in LA ( - LanArena for the uninitiated) which makes me feel good and wanted, which I could do with some of right now. He's been really great over the past 24hrs, while I've just been a walking bundle of Anger, Misery & Tears.

Not happy with Kissycat's attitude full stop. A, because of her refusal to accept any opinions that differ from hers as being right & B, because of her immaturaty when it came to her last post. the way I see it, Livejournal is based around people commenting on peoples posts, if you don't want people to comment on something then here is not the place to say it. If you do post it and not like the replies you get it seems extremely childish to revoke the ability to post comment and therefore censor what was said.

I'm also not sure my post entitled Lyricage (asked to describe insecurity) was taken in quite the right context.
The point to it was that a couple of weeks ago I was desperately trying to find the right words to describe insecurity and how it makes me feel to EzE. The wording of this song, I feel, pretty much nails it. The point of the post wasn't to pay homage to the lyrical talent that went into it.

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