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Another fantastic weekend with the kids. Twas the festival of the 'arbour and much excitement was had as we watched the ships come in past our balcony including the minesweeper HMS Blythe. Much fun and silliness was had as we wandered around the harbour festival on sunday lunchtime and we even took a ride on the steam train :)

Yesterday Daniel went for his second grading. He is doing Hung Kuen style Kung-Fu under the tuition of Ghader Mousavi. Daniel passed and recieved the yellow stripes for his sash and also a few stern warnings about practising.. Poor lil guy had a bit of a blank momment and couldn't remember some stuff.  I was very proud of him passing and was grinning all the way home and for about half hour afterwards. Soon we have them for a week YaY!  I cried as usual when they left, the flat seems too big and empty now, too quiet.

In other news aside from a text message shortly after i hung up on him telling me 'You will apologise for that* I've heard nothing from my Dad. I guess that's it then. Oh well. I've cried for him too, a few times, even though he doesn't deserve it.

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