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Sunday ...

I saw the kids yesterday, we all went on a jolly family trip to Toys R Us. I bought Daniel a large soft floppy tiger which he picked out, it's bigger than Andrew!
Chris got him an Action Man Shark Attack, which Daniel also picked out himself.

I managed to get away with only a brief encounter with Chris' Parents, but that was ok cos they were really nice, Ann (Chris' mum) even gave me a lil kiss on the cheek to say hello, which stunned and put me right off track for a few seconds.

I still feel cheated, but am a little better now. I even got an apology out of Chris, he started to say that i should have called sooner, or something, then gave it up & said that he should have thought to just get Dave to drop Amy off, as there was no real need for him to be there. Hearing Chris say that helped relieve alot of guilt i felt about taking it as read that i'd be coming over on Daniel's birthday & there being no real need for me to check untill the day.

Well, i'm sat here topless save a small CK bra, and whilst i was hot when i took my T Shirt off, after having just come back from the supermarket, i'm now quite cold.


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