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really really fkin wierd

i don't remember much about the content bu thismorning between 730am and 1130am i remember dreaming within a dream - not too unusual for me, but this was also within a dream. the sequence started off with me having a dream so vivid when i woke from it i was asking Orion to make sure that the stuff was actually a dream. As time wore on wierder things started happening and i was woken up by someone calling my name in a strange world governed by floating triangular things (this was probably, infact, the corner of my beadspread. i have a tendancy to sleep with my eyes open and dream about what i can 'see' (which is occationally very freaky as it's allso the first thing that registers in my vision when i wake up))  I was awoken because one of theses alien triangular floating things was coming through our street and we had to mask any signs of anything vibrant as we were supposed to be 'surpressed' into drones to do their bidding or something kind of like in the film Equilibrium.. there were a few other details and scenes that i can't really remember i think tehre was a scene of me getting taken to the HQ for reprogramming cos instead of hitting the NUKE ALL MUSIC button i hit PLAY and the whole place turned into a club. Ooopsie.

the thing that's wierd is it's left me REALLY REALLY mentally wiped out. Brain No Worky, properly No Worky  it's a horrible feeling.  physically tired i can handle but i feel like i have an IQ of 3 right now :(

i'm listening to a new cd i bought yesterday loud in headdies to try and shock my brain back from the gelatinous grey death it seems to have suffered in the night.

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