Snoweh (goddesssnoweh) wrote,


I had a very vivid dream last night that started off like some sort of alien invasion where me and a bunch of people were running around shooting aliens in this wierd futuristic environment.. as the scene progressed it became apparent that this was some sort of fully immersive FPS along the lines of Halo. The game ended and i found myself in a classroom with a whole load of other people and a teacher talking bollox about something.. i couldn't understand what.  I looked about the room and there were loads of people who i used to go to school with but all grown up and also jikatal was there too. The teachers words suddenly became clear and he was addressing the class about parental divorce and turned to jikatal stating to the class that Andy was the person in the room that had experienced divorce the most recently. Andy seemd enraged that the teacher had told the class this, it seemed that Andy and the teacher had had a discussion about said divorcce privately and Andy didn't want people to know. The class was dismissed and i went to find Andy. i found him sitting on a windowsill looking out with tears on his cheeks. i remember very clearly asking 'Is everything alright?' in answer he turned his head towards me and just shook it slowly from side to side. i asked him if he wanted a cuddle and he nodded, at which point he vanished and i found myself in the porchway of an old looking house. i wandered around it and before long found Andy in the sitting room of this house on the sofa but about 20 years younger. Before i could get to him an older looking man who i somehow knew to be his grandfather came in and they started having words, i couldn't hear what they were but i knew that the old man was angry with Andy. suddenly the old man raised his fist and struck Andy on the side of the head leaving a large wound. I ran up to the younger Andy and remember saying 'OMG he HIT you!' i chased after the old man and met him on the foot of a starcase, it all goes a bit blurry here but the gist of it is that i tried to stick up for little Andy by having a go at the old man but i was just ignored, as if i wasn't there, like i'd just been transported back to the past to witness this event. i ran back to find Andy to comfort him but i coudn't get to him, which distressed me a great deal.

The whole dream was very distressing and i kinda need to talk to jikatal now to settle myself and make sure he's ok.

EDIT: ARGH i HATE that it defaults to rich text mode. BAD LIVEJOURNAL!

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