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Life is cool..

Am listening to my newly aquired copy of the LAB4 'None Of Us Are Saints' album. Still stunned about actually finding a LAB4 cd in Virgin. So many times i've almost just bought the lil black 'Lab 4' separator just so i have something to show for looking.

I wonder if they'd actually let you do that - lol. They'd have to print a new one. Wonder how much they would charge you for it?

Have filled out this year's Livejournal Trick or Treat thingy and as per usual Jikatal tricked me. I think i may stop calling on him. He's a meanie.

Looking at my first Lindt Gold Reindeer of the year. Yes! It's the beginning of October! Time to roll out all that Christmas stock! lol. Still, it keeps me in animal shaped chocolate goodness i guess.

i've been a bit poll mad recently - i kindof only just realised i could make them even though i've had a permanant account for, um.. 'A Long Time™'

Missing the kids - due to various things we haven't seen them for a month now. *Grump*

Oh - the LAB4 album so far is V good. Still gutted about the fact they've decided to quit the industry as the LAB4 machine. Grr.

Hmm.. That's it for original content that i don't need to namedrop for.

Oh, Wait, i already did... damn.

I love my snugglebunny to bits - he's in the wars a bit - poor thing.. Nothing an axe weilding maniac to the family wouldn't fix, but i fear i'd be apprehended, and possibly jailed.

I've run out.

Of things to say, that is.


That Is All.

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