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Hmmz0r ...

This evening has been a slightly puzzling, quite irritating one. Azekeil came in to enquire what our plans were for food, we hadn't really thought about it, and so decided on pasta bake for the three of us.

I suggested to Azekeil that he could cook it, seeing as we usually cook for him. This apparently set him into a bad mood, and when it looked like we weren't going to 'feed him' he stomped off downstairs to make himself some toast.

We'd also had plans for a game of Empire Earth, the three of us too, when asked after he'd eaten if he was ready to play a game he said to give him five mins while he made a cup of tea for himself & finished up what he was doing. I then foolishly suggested he could make a coffee while he was down there. Apparently this was not a wise move, as about ten mins later he decided that actually he didn't want the game (that he'd been saying yes to all evening) and was just going to go to bed. Hm.

Other than that the evening has been alright, better than in some parts, had immense fun having tickling wars with EzE earlier, Of course i got horribly owned, but then he is twice my size and infinately stronger.


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Mar. 26th, 2002 01:38 am (UTC)
Oh sorry, I didn't mean to be in a bad mood with you guys - I was just having a fit of the anti-socials. Decided I was tired and throwing my toys out of the pram. Decided the best thing for it was to fix Burney's pc and try and get some shut-eye.. except I had a very fitful night's sleep, so I don't know if I'm any better than I was before.

Apologies, everyone...
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