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Jesus, my dream last night really took it out of me, it had everything i could possibly anxiet about.. the kids, coke, spiders, large bodies of water, Fields and feilds of electricity pylons. being lost, chased, bleeding everywhere, eggs? Flying, Swimming, falling washing, bathing, washing my clothes, being followed, being stalked. i feel like i've run a bloody marathon in the night. I woke up cold as i'd somehow managed to completely lose the duvet, as a result i woke up with one completely blocked but runny nostril and a sore throat from being in a draught.

My eyes are dry and prickly and i'm finding it hard to stay conscious. whenever i do fall asleep it's into that dreaming instantly sleep and my visual cortex fills with a mess of mad imagery that's slightly threatening and makes no sense.

One thing that was missing was any direct reference to Cats.. maybe that will come tonight.... No hippos either :p

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