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Slghtly less introspective today. (well, I no longer want to take an ice cream scoop and scoop out my brain anyhow.) But only because i've been buisying myself with doing the 'dutifull Girlfriend' bit.

Last night I mothered his Jedi Knight 2 download for him, only a couple of problems, one of which wasn't really my fault & the other happened when we were asleep, so couldn't really be helped. And, as predicted, he's been playing Jedi knight 2 for seven hours now, and i'm feeling just a little attention starved ... but i don't mind Too much.
Earlier on I went to the supermarket to do a bit of shopping (on my own of course, he's just got JK2! Duh!) As well as getting the usual boring crap I bought home chocolate and coke, which seemed to please him :) (Also peanut M&Ms, which he loves) When he thinks he can drag himself away for long enough to eat i'll do us some food, and at some point i have to put some washing on.
That's all my day has been, but ont he bright side, he's a happy bunny, which is good as he can sometimes be a bit of an unknown quantity when he's not happy.

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