Snoweh (goddesssnoweh) wrote,

Work's not too bad, a potentially fuckass boring job is made better by the fact that the other temps who are working there from manpower are a great laugh. One of them, Nick, lives near the center, which means we catch the bus into town together on an evening, which is good as longwell green isn't the safest of places to be walking alone (male or female so i've heard) and i've just got this inbuilt fear of buses at night, which in an area like bristol is probably quite healthy.

something is up with my toungue, and my mouth in general, my tounge i think i have a minute sharp bit on my current bar which irritates the fuck out of the hole & as a result i'm getting pimples and sore bits all over it. Not nice, i shall be looking for another bar today, I get paid on tuesday, but to be honest this is driving me mad and affecting my eating capacaty. What's also affecting my eating is the fact that my gums at the very back of my bottom jaw are being irritated by two fucking great wisdom teeth that won't come through. Whenever i eat anything i can feel the gums getting sore & irate, and by the time i've finished i can feel them throbbing. They'd probably go down if i left them alone long enough.
This is why I've decided to do something drastic, in the form of eating through a straw for a week, just to give them time to heal over, and allow me to eat at a reasonable speed again. I shall start this on Tuesday and keep you posted about how it goes.

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