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Why can't i stay awake?

I go to bed, i sleep, i wake up.

Then i wake up again and again and again and again trying to do whatever it is i'm doing.

It's like i have some sort of fucking narcolepsy.

But i go to bed and i can't fucking sleep. I cannot actually be comfortable in bed for more than two hours. After that i HAVE to get up. I cannot be lying down any more.

It's pissing me off because it's stopping me do things i want to get done. If i sit in front of the PC to do some work or play a game or even just browse fucking livejournal i constantly wake up to find i've been clicking random things. I DON'T EVEN RECALL FALLING ASLEEP. The first thing i know about it is i wake myself up because the keyboard / table is hurting my head or my arm has twitched and my mouse has been flung off the table.

This has been going on for MONTHS.

I am literally losing chunks of time and it's fucking me off.
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