March 5th, 2002



Took the day off work today, with the intention of finding something else that i was more suited to & wouldn't get bored of in less than a week. It just so happened that I got a phonecall from a recruitment agency today, who were gushing about my CV & want me to go down to the office and register with them A.S.A.P. and by doing so they might have an interview for me as early as monday for a position in tech support!
This, as u can imangine, has put me in a rather good mood and i'm just getting myself ready to go down there and take the assesment test (which i should fly thru apparently)
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I have a picture! um, i hate it, but it's a picture, it portrays vaugely what i look like, and it will do untill sexier alternatives can be found :)
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I'm watching 'At Home With The Braithwaites' Yippee!

The Ex just rang, wanting me to look after Andrew tommorrow for him, Andrew has a small rash on his leg, and although the doctor has said it's not contaigious, the nursery want him to take a couple of days off, So i get to have him for the day tomorrow ! :)
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