March 18th, 2002


Mmmmmm Guns......

EzE got his assault rifle today. Mmmmmmm. Makes me more eager to get my hands on a PSG-1
Altho my sniper rifle is going to be somewhat heavier than EzE's gun :/ I've said to EzE what will probably happen is i'll get my l33t-a$$ Sniper Rifle, find out i can't lift the thing & ask to swap :p

(To clarify, that Won't actually be happening, I much prefer the snipers spot on the field, i'm sure fifty or so helium ballons will hep out, nice neon ones >Grin< :p)

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Bordom ...

I'm downstairs on my PC (Shock!) and 90% of the internet won't work due to bandwidth rapage in various forms. This makes for a very bored Snoweh creature. i'm kinda hungry, and would like to suggest food to EzE but i have a feeling he doesn't want me around him, which makes me kinda sad.