April 19th, 2002


(no subject)

AARRGHH now i remember why i never organize things like this myself..... i'm just sitting here waiting for things to start happeining and it's killing me!

getting so worried about if anyone is gonna turn up, if i can find the meeting place (yeah i know, i picked it!) if the evening is going to go well or it's all gonna go pete tong very quickly...... AARRGGHH

i actually feel ill :(

Still, clubbing tonight! :)

Bought myself a lil corset-y top thingy, which EzE approves of greatlyand i quite like it too :) It looks good and was actually quite cheap, so i'm happy :)

Waitying now for my phone to rumble, which will be a delivery report from a message to someone i've been trying to talk to all damn week (when i get the delivery report, u see, i know his phone has signal, so i can phone him & hopefully he'll answer! Yipee!)

Rev.s Lemming & Tsi are unreachable it seems, which is also irritating the hell out of me.