April 26th, 2002


Poorly-ness, work and stuff ...

Saw Daniel and Andrew yesterday which was really great as i havn't seen them for a very long time. Daniel is ill tho :( probably a virus, but Scoff was going to take him to the morning surgery today, as his temp. went up to 102 in nursery yesterday apparently. hope he is ok. Andrew is as cute as they come as usual, but i think he's developing whatever it is that Daniel has got, as he was a bit whiny when i was over there. I was quite dissapointed with myself really as i couldn't stay awake over there, let alone play with the kids at all. But i got loads of cuddles, which is always nice

Stayed late at work today for a staff showing of "Road Kill" I think it's alright, but one of my workmates Phil said it was basically just like "I Know What You Did Last Summer" having never watched the film i wouldn't know. I also found out there is a staff showing of "Attack Of The Clones" the day before it's released. Not sure if i'm actually meant to say that but I'm sure other MoS will be telling ppl too. Did my first close on Ice Cream tonight, and it wasn't as nightmareish as i was expecting, but then Wimpy and Ice Cream at warner village are two completely different things i guess.
Bought home a vinal poster from the film "Long Time Dead" too, which i happen to think was a very good movie. A vynal is designed to hang from the lighting rigs in the foyer, so as u can imagine this thing is huge, but i'm sure we'll find somewhere for it. I'm more concerned about How we are going to hang it tho, it's certainly not a Blu-Tak job!

A few days ago i bumped into a really good old mate of mine called Frank I met him thru collage, when i was doing an IT course there, he was the network manager of the 486 suite (this was when a 486 was top of the range). He gave me his phone number, i really must remember to text him ...

Still not feeling well, if anything worse, tried to eat something at work today and almost brought it straight back up again, and i've reached that stage of tiredness where i'm really exhausted but know if i lie down with the intention of sleeping it just won't happen. I'm still managing to stay cheerful, but it's forced and becoming extremely difficult. I have another day off tomorow, so i should be able to sort myself out over the course of that. Probably.

Havn't heard from Nick or Pete for ages now, I'll try & call them on the weekend. been thinking of doing a detox, more to get some nutriants into my body than to flush out the crap, but i do need both ATM. If i do get hold of the guys I might organize a night out after my detox so i can undo all my hard work :p
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