June 13th, 2002



it's lunchtime, no one is on ICQ and MSN won't sign in.

today has been slow, it feels like the morning has lasted a week. I feel tired, drained, have a runny nose and my head feels all wrong. Large amounts of caffine don't seem to have helped much.

Still, EzE will be home when i get home, this is a Good Thing™

Didn't have a good night last night, was troubled with nightmares, it seems childish but there are some fears i can't seem to get away from in my dreams :(

MSN still won't sign in, methinks some pe0n has been buggering about with the network settings on this machine. Ho-dy Hum. This brings me to the dielemma of should i switch machines or put up with it, living with the knowladge that there's prolly no one on MSN anyhow....Hmmz

wellt here are two machines free, i think i will go try another one
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Life is all about substance abusing man. I mean, what's the point in just living if you can't live without feeling a little woozy? Well, at least that's what you think. Maybe you should think about checking into rehab and seeing what the real world is like.. and not through bloodshot eyes. Someday you're gonna come off that high, and then you'll realize 30 years have passed by, and you're in the middle of your backyard naked surronded by beanie babies trying to recreate woodstock.