June 20th, 2002


Friday Tomorrow! Yay!

This means i get paid. which makes me a happy Sam type creature.

Work is going very well, I'm starting to get quicker at sorting the post out and less ppl seem to be complaining. After lunch i'm going to make a few sheets to pass round all the rooms we deal with & get everyone to write their names on it & where they are, from this i will make an up to date list, for post room use to make things a little easier.


I have a new toy.
It's very spinkee.
It's 15cms long and takes lots of battries.

Don't you just hate it when you go to the trouble of putting on UV glowy stuff and the club u go to doesn't have UV lighting installed?

That's where my new toy comes in >Grin<
It's a handheld portable blacklight.
The Ultimate clubbing toy, MUCH better than glowsticks.

Many thanks go out to Chocojon on this one, as he picked one up for me when he was going to a store that sold them and i was at work. I also have some UV glowy tape. Sweeeeeet

Bring On The Weekend My Friend

Fucked off.......

I have no PC, i donated 75% of my RAM and my gfx card to a 'good cause' (EzE who said ''it'd only be for tonight'') His PC doesn't do java. nor ICQ
i'm getting rapidly fucked off with this lack of communicative power.

Azekeil i'm borrowing ur PC :)

/me wanders off to Aze's room