January 4th, 2003


illness and general misery

Happy new year all, i know it's a bit late but i've been in bed for the last few days with a temperature of over 40 degrees - I'm not over ityet, but i'm keeping on top of the fever with paracetomol and the other aches and pains with ibuprofen. As well as what seems to be a bad case of flu i seem to have infections in both ears to go with it - so not only am i feeble, unable to think clearly or get warm, my sense of balance appears to have dropped off the face of the earth - this does not one happy Snoweh creature make :(

EzE's been ill too, although he seems to have a much stronger constitution than i do and is getting better already. He's also been doing a rather good job of nursing me, which i'm quite greatful for.

Well i'm going to go and get some sleep - I'm feeling tired and feeble :(