January 28th, 2003


Anti-War SHIT

All the anti war shit on livehournal is, quite frankly, pissing me off. So u go down to the anti war rally - ur there shouting no war no war! and then some fucking arab nutter with a jacket, trousers and shoes full of C4 goes off right in the middle of the crowd - will u still be shouting anti war crap when u are led in hospital - or will u be playing anti war march tunes at your funeral.

ppl on here should grow up and open their fucking eyes - anthrax could wipe this country out in a week - our water suplies are so open it's not true - what would it take for a cpl of arabs to put a cpl of barrels of Ricin into a reservoir near your home? nothing - where would u be then? fucked.

Terrorism is happening - and something needs to be done to stop it - walking up to Osama Bin Laden and saying - hey - we should be nice to eachother - do we have a deal? isn't going to work. these ppl hate our religion and everything it represents - military targets do not apply in this war. a terrorist could strike ANYWHERE where there is a large gathering of ppl at any time. frankly an anti war march is a perfect target.

Grow up

Open your eyes.

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ok maybe i rushed that last post a bit - but even if i sat down and thought out the wording it would still read the fucking same ppl - stop picking at bad wording and reaslise what the whole thing is saying. i hate people who are such pedantic little shits they compleatly miss the whole picture for picking at tiny details.

if this war doesn't happen saddam - who is a complete fucking nutter BTW - and osama - who is also a complete fucking nutter BTW - will continue thier research into making weapons of mass destruction and we will all end up quite royally fucked upon. from a great height.

during the second world war if u saw a german and u had a gun in your hand u would shoot him - because chances are he would have a gun in his hand and if u didn't do it first he would shoot u

the situation is no fucking different ppl - stop picking at insignificant little details and wake the fuck up.