February 13th, 2003


A proper entry - and an explination of the new icons

The new icons are mainly symbolic of the research i'm doing. Three icons, Three chemicals:-







Going to Bath today with the AndehMeister - should be fun, found out that the train takes a mere ELEVEN mins - while on the bus it would take an hour - Hmz

Doing research, which means i'm learning new stuff - so am happy, i also have a power lead for my laptop which makes me uber happy :)

Various things are making me not so happy tho, but CBA to go into them right now - am being dragged to my mothers on sunday - Well, I said i'd go over to get her to fuck off after she'd been on the phone to me for an HOUR talking BS at me (wasn't even interesting BS - my attempt to steer the converse to a subject i liked talking about [Hard Drugs :p] resulted in a half hour lesson on Yin, Yang and Tao :s ) Still - I'm taking the research i've done over - this includes a small but complete paper on MDMA and the brief beginnings of one on cocaine - should be entertaining >Grin<

Well - now to get this tubbeh bitch known as livejournal to update without losing all of this ..... :s


Heh. Well, I have - and if that isn't good enuff reason to shout about it i don't know what is :p

I bought a book today too - in a record shop of all places - it's called 'Out Of It' and i've looked at it before in Waterstones, only, in Waterstones, it's seven quid - in Fopp it was only three :D

Had a lovely - if cold - time in bath and was amused to find out that we can get to bath quicker on the train than we can get to the centre on the bus, and certainly quicker than going to cribbs!