February 20th, 2003


May I just say ...

Chocolate flavoured milk - current fav variety being Mars chocolate drink - in coffee instead of milk and sugar is absolutely GORGEOUS!

Dooleys in coffee instead of milk and sugar is rather nice too :p

not that i have a caffeine addiction or anything....... Honest!

Startling discovery...

it's 1430.
i've had no sleep.
i've consumed a frightnening amount of caffeine
i've done more work on a research project of mine in the past three hours than i have in the last week. - this includes finding out 90% of the basic facts that are going to be going into the paper i write at the end of all the reading, writing, sleeplessness, blood, sweat, tears and caffeine.

this is good - although i feel like shit and know i won't get to sleep as the plasma half life of the frightening amount of caffeine i have consumed is 6 hours. Hmz.
maybe ignorance is bliss after all :p

In all seriousness the progress i've just made is very good, i've found some very useful recources - which i will go thru my history and now bookmark as i forgot to do it when i was there - DOH! and as well as gathering 'proof' of things i already know i have also learnt alot of new stuff.

this makes me a very happy bunnie - even if not a very bouncy one ATM.
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still havn't slept.

really i should, i know. i'm feeling weak from tiredness now, which isn't good.

i put together everything i have on cocaine - unfortunately it makes no sense whatsoever. shall rewrite it when i've slept i think.