April 4th, 2003


(no subject)

nothing much to report - i still have a coke problem, tho i'm working on it, have been doing lots of work for the club, for myself and at sorting my finances out.

few more contacts, few more places i can put flyers - all good
guestlist at ripsnorter tomorrow :)

working tonight - tis all good

organizing a mash up - more of that later tho

bye for now - stay happy folks!!!!

More Info

I'm organizing a mash up to celebrate a prominant anneversary that's coming up very soon - timing of other events makes it not entirely appropriate - but hell with it.

if anyone is interested in joining a group of Bristol's Most hardcore clubbers to get seriously mashed {wrecked mullered wasted twisted twatted wankered} leave me a comment and um... whatever happens next will prolly happen and we will all get happily mash0red.

venue is still open and i'm accepting suggestions.