June 19th, 2003


(no subject)

Well. I'm in the library. and i am bored
There is no one talking to me on ICQ and everything i want to research online is going to be barred by this fucking netnanny software the government has seen fit to censor the internet with.
i'm slightly miffed.
there are a million and one things i want to be researching, the sort of things that out-of-date library books just won't cut it with i'm afraid.

on the plus side i will be seeing xmen2 tonight with Taz (who i really must get a livejournal for - does anyone have any spare codes?? >Sweetest Smile<) which should be good.

another thing i don't like about the library is i'm either surrounded by students or fuckwits - or in this case - both. one thing they both have in common, though, is they seem to like staring at my collar. Goodie for them.

plus the costant tinlke of dumbass mobile ringtones despite the BIIIG notices all over the place to turn mobiles off.

but - i do get to read new scientist - which i will be doing when i've finished on here - so i'm not totally out of touch with the world after all.

another thing that's peeved me is i left my matrix reloaded CD over Chris' house

went to band practice with Taz last night - that was quite funny - and will be going to a gig with him on saturday - another wedding.

we have also found out that when they are headlining cleavdon they will be going on earlier than they origonlly thought - which means we will get to spank when it opens - YAY!