July 14th, 2003



Well, it's done.
I'm now Collared and Contracted. (which is legally binding as it had an independant witness)
making me (sub) property of Taz (Owner)
You have no idea how free this actually makes me feel.

The basis of all this is that i've given him total control over what i do and all the major decisions in return for which it's his job to keep me safe from harm.

it's ALOT more complex than that really but that's it in a nutshell.
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Hmmmz......... News on the design of my collar, and other ideas.....

goddesssnoweh: i've decided on the design for my collar too
azekeil: cool
goddesssnoweh: the same thickness and width as the one i have now, black, of course
azekeil: yeah
azekeil: I think it'd be ace if you had a 'punishment' collar, with some sort of small spikes on the inside to cause discomfort and remind you of your position
goddesssnoweh: accross the front i'mgoing to have 'COLLARED' in nice white writing
goddesssnoweh: Oooh, there's an idea
azekeil: :)
azekeil: it's good two-fold, because it constantly reminds you that you're collared as well as being uncomfortable
goddesssnoweh: it's going to do up not with a buckle, but with a small metal ring going through a slit in the other end and be padlocked
azekeil: nice touch :)
azekeil: brb
goddesssnoweh: a silver slave ring on the front for the leash and small discreet erm, loopy things to put stuff on, like chains, both sides and at the back

[EDIT] The 'COLLARED' on the front is because i've had odd looks from people who look like they SHOULD know what it's about - which means they are wondering if i'm ACTUALLY collared or it's just an accessory