August 1st, 2003


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A reaction from a passer by whilst i was out on my leash recently got me thinking, well kindof, it's not something i hadn't thought of, but the reaction brought it to the surface.... Master and i were at Ashton Court Festival and some bloke, as he walked past, said, "look at that, god what a bastard i'd kick his head in" not mentioning this is a very gut, and closed minded, reaction to seeing a female sub being walked on a leash by a Male Dom, it actually made me feel quite insulted that this guy thought that i was being walked around a major festival on a leash without my consent. I've seen quite a few reactions like this, in various stregnths and can't get my head round the fact that people don't seem to realise that if i didn't Want to be there, on that leash then i wouldn't be.

erm, well, it made alot more sense in my head - i'm not too good with words really, but i'm sure you can see what i mean.
on this basis i really do view the majority of the human race as pathetic, normal people that will never see farther than the ends of their noses.

Sorry for the cross posting By The Way.