August 14th, 2003


Things And Stuff.....

Had a rather eventful day yesterday. went over to see jikatal during the day, arriving at about lunch-ish time. Played a bit of Black & White, chatted, messed about with PCs and spangly bits and generally did lots of good old fashioned time wasting.
ev1ldonut appeared later on, and with azekeil more beer was had, and much silliness was talked. Then a random bod called Graham appeared, chocojon appeared and yet More beer was drunk and yet More silliness was talked. air_bizkit then appeared, and the beer and the silliness went on untill we all decided to sit down and watch 28 Days Later which i thoroughly enjoyed right up untill the thumbs in the eyeballs....

I Don't Do EyeBalls


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    My skin crawls at the imagery


I'm in the library at the momment, and the machine i'm on seems to be having issue with JVM [Java Virtual Machine] which means it won't run ICQ2Go - which makes me rather annoyed. Spoken to the technophobe on the front desk and she is going to ring their IT department for me - I've written down what to say to them for her - i just hope their techies don't take issue with a punter telling them how to do their job, as these machines have VNC installed.... EEK!
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On a more cheery note...

When walking out of the door at internet exchange a while ago the bloke behind the desk, who i've seen a few times in there now and we are on 'friendly greeting - how are you' type terms commented on my collar - to which i suggessted he looked up 'Collaring' online and went to wander out of the door, he pulled me back and made me sit down with him and look it up - was a very pleasent experiance, and one of the nicest interactions with a public person regarding my collar i've had so far. he didn't have the time to sit down and go through it in depth, and still didn't quite understand, but i can see i piqued his interest and he will probably be looking into it more in a quiet time at work.....
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Hmmmmz .... Somehow, i think not.....

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I've just been informed that someone is looking into it - I've been sat here waiting for my lil VNC icon to go black - but apparently with this version it doesn't

/me gets all paranoid


A Hah!

the lil icon HAS gone black - which means i'm being fixed i hope - will be on ICQ soooooooon!!!!!!


[EDIT]: he can't fix it till the netloan sesh has ended - so i'm ICQless :-(