September 4th, 2003


stupid fucking blonde housemate strikes again..

came in at 7am ish this morning after spending the night with Master Paul, opened the front door only to be confronted with a houseful of unlit gas.
Two housemates asleep upstairs, a rat in the living room, central heating on timed, two fridges and a freezer, lights left on and various other electrical appliances waiting to go tick at any momment.
Oh. and two cellphones charging and on in the kitchen.
The rat was fine, a bit dopey, but perked up when I opened the doors and windows.
The house didn't go Tick, Tick Boom as i was terrified it was going to as i wandered round opening doors and stuff.

at 9am one of the aforementioned cellphones rang. so if i'd have stayed at Master Paul's during the day today there wouldn't have been a house left for me to go back to.

They are very lucky i have a sense of smell
They are also very lucky I'm not the sort to panic.

I've left a big note by the cooker saying to make sure the gas is switched off.
and made a poiunt of waking them up and telling them that if I hadn't come back today they would very likely be dead by now.

Fucking morons.
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