October 12th, 2003



Apparently are symptoms of high blood pressure - which is a result of stress

Maybe this would explain why my nose started pouring blood on a bus yesterday afternoon entirely of it's own accord.

Ho Hum.

Oh yeah.....

My mother has Internet Access.

She's read my journal.

Oooh Dear..

I had a massive row with her ON MSN!!! (how weird is that?)
But i decided to extend the hand of friendship and said I would go over on the weekend (This weekend as it happens).

The next day.
I get a text.

She doesn't want me over this weekend, is next weekend alright.
Bear in mind i've hardly spoken to her in months.

From there ensued and argument by text.

I really don't know why I bother - once again My Mother has managed to hurt me.

I really must try and get rid of that 'STUPID' tattoo on my forhead.