December 15th, 2003


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The zopiclone appear not to be the same stregnth as the ones i've had in the past, and are next to useless.

infact i was still awake at five this morning after having had two zopiclone and three temazipam - not through fighting it, just led in bed watching a DVD. This led to me being very unimpressed.

just had another conversation i didn't want to have regarding my immediate maternal family.. ho hum, oh well, tis all fun n games i guess.


it would seem that the Zopiclone DO work.

I have to STOP drinking altogether though, as the alcohol interferes with the action of the sleeping tablets...

I'm not sure how able to STOP i am. I've always taken a break by cutting down the amount i drink slowly.... I havn't had anything to drink for 48 hours now, and I'm starting to get a bit jittery. I hate craving. I hate where i am. and i hate the fact that this journal seems to have just become a place where i share nothing but pain. For this i apologise to all who have me on their friends list.

coming up to two weeks on the Cipramil now, so hopefully I should start to feel a bit better.

baby steps at the moment. one thing at a time.