December 23rd, 2003


The last week

It's not often i make a friends only post. but there are people with access to my livejournal who i feel would benefit from not seeing this.

I saw in Thursday by being carted off in an ambulance which i had called myself at about 1am.

This was after i'd been tipped over the edge by a housemate who had, earlier that day, been told to be careful around me because i was feeling very low at that time,after she finished i couldn't stop crying and just started eating tablets, i'd done the rest of my zopiclone, a sheet of feminax and the diazepam i had left and spent five minutes deciding if i should carry on or call an ambulance.... I opted for the ambulance option, which, i think, is why i'm still here......

I really didn't realise i was that close to the edge. Since i came out of hospital i have found myself losing four or five hours at a time when i've fallen into deep sleep suddenly that it's been very difficult to wake me from. this is starting to piss me off somewhat.


anyhow, i have to go..... more later

[EDIT] -20-08-2004- This journal entry has been unlocked and added to memories.