July 26th, 2004


I'll finish that last post shall i?

I've been on the increased dosage of citalopram for about three weeks.
Paul left me about 2 weeks ago.

This dosage increase has actually made a significant noticable difference. mostly just sheer apathy, but my mood is perking up. I feel this is a Good Thing™ and hope that things continue to get better at the rate they seem to be doing right now.

They won't give me anymore zopiclone at the doctors which, on 60mg of SSRI a day i think is unreasonable. I've held onto my last dose for three nights. so far, this will be the fourth. I can't hang onto it forever, though...

It's not all doom and gloom though. I've looked after daniel for the past week as it was week one of THE HOLIDAYS :) we had fun :)

There, That was a better attempt than last time.