June 27th, 2008



i just woke up from a  horrible really really fucking exhausting dream

i was living in a cross between the smallholding i lived on in foster care in Pucklechurch and my dad's old house on Southmead road

group after group of people kept coming to break into the house when i was there and kick the shit out of me

about four different groups of people came, one a little while after the other. There would always be a big fight, involving whatever came to hand, I was being chased round with an axe at one point. I found one too and I remember having to cut the guy up into pieces before he’d stop chasing me, this theme was the same for all the groups of people that came, no matter what I did to them they wouldn’t stop chasing me (I remember killing the guy with the axe, that was the fourth group that came, but I don’t remember how the fight ended with the other three groups)

after each one left i'd fix how they broke in and lock everything really securely, then the next lot would come and i'd be trapped by all the locks

each group would really work me over. & each time i'd dial 999 and get thru and talk to someone but the police never came

the last group that came, the fifth group came to kill me


i managed to get a gun off of one of them in the fight but it wouldn't fire cos all the bullets were loaded into the mag the wrong way round


[EDIT]: I remember in great detail (even now at 7pm) frantically having to unload the bullets and reload them in the right way round before the gun would work. It was a real world gun as well, most similar to a Glock. I remember the flash of silver from inside the chamber as i cocked it after reloading the mag. it made all the right noises and had all the right mechanisms.

i managed to get out of the house this time and into a taxi, only they followed me into the taxi. and there was no driver, i had to drive it myself


i found a village and ran for help but it turned out all the people there wanted to kill me too. There was a huge chase. I had about 15 people all shooting at me and a couple of guys chasing me in a helicopter which I had to swim underwater to get away from (there weren’t any guns on the helicopter, it was a regular one, not a military one)


the gun i had was one of those magic dream guns with endless rounds in the mag when you actually came to fire it. i was managing to fire accurately and kill people coming after me fairly quickly, but then this woman came along who just wouldn't fucking die. i must have put 300 rounds into this bitches head and she was still shooting at me. As she was filling me full of holes i woke up. Barely able to stand or keep my eyes open.


When ever I have dreams like this I can always actually feel stuff that’s happening.


My sub-conscious hates me, clearly.   :(


[EDIT]: Also throughout today I've felt very un-secure in the flat, like people could just *break in*. Which is stoopid. The only dream that affects me thru the day like this is dreaming about spiders.. which i think i also did last night.

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Also, yesterday morning one of my teeth broke. one right at the back on the top left :(

that feels weird.

i have a picture!! :D  (Of Course)