Snoweh (goddesssnoweh) wrote,

Thoughts.. like, a month old...

Well here I am again, Stood in the middle of a freezing cold Galleries shopping centre being ignored by 90% of the people who walk past. The people watching is good, you see all sorts wandering past, the different forms of benefit are easy to spot.  The elderly are my favorite kind of traffic because they all have an entire  lifetime’s worth of story to tell. When you look closely you realise that they all have *some* life left in them, that essential spark that makes a person unique has faded but not gone. The glint in the eye of the girls who were stunners in their time, the slightly cheeky grin. The confident, knowing stride of someone who’s seen everything life has and is still here to tell the tale if you’d take the time to listen.

Having a stall like the dead sea wellbeing people next to us is also fascinating. They use a far more practiced and aggressive sales technique, using the Englishman’s politeness against him. Opening with a question designed to make people stop.

The name ‘Cool Glowy Things’ seems to have been a stroke of genius. So many times people have been stopped by the name alone, and on countless occations I’ve heard people sa as they are walking past what a wicked name it is.

It sticks in people’s minds very easily and stays there.

We need to get a proper sign done so that people see the name more clearly, at the moment it’s obscured in a web address and the only other place is on tiny price cards.

People REALLY like the idea that if they see something on the site they can drop us an email, or ask about it ont eh stall and we’ll bring one in for them. I think it makes people feel that we are not just another faceless corperation type franchise, that they matter and they can make something happen. People like to play with things before they commit themselves so it’s a natural extention to the website / shop crossover.

People love the jellyfish, but only to look at, it actually sells very slowly. Maybe there is something like it at a different price point. I know there is a slightly more expensive jellyfish, maybe there’s something a bit cheaper too.

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