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The Nation of Snowehs Evil Lair is commanded by Ruler Sam Tremaine. The electoral process relies mainly upon a single party system where any adversaries are dragged to the streets and shot. The people of Snowehs Evil Lair are so technologically advanced that each citizen does not physically go to work, but simply thinks of his/her office space and it materializes in whatever physical space they currently occupy. Advancement in medical practices has produced efficient health care practices, but only the privileged can afford the rising costs.

Most citizens follow a generic code of conduct which produces a somewhat safe environment, but personal safety is largely product of personal ability. This nation has a growing military force, though the majority of its ranks are devoted to a marching band which plays at civic and government functions. Religious tolerance is available to all those who can afford to buy it. All children in Snowehs Evil Lair ages five to thirteen are eligible for free placement testing to determine their proper schooling placement.

This country is beginning to adopt many environmentally responsible practices, although any company with enough money can buy the right to disregard any practice they deem appropriate. New businesses opening in this country are assigned a government manager to oversee the productivity of the employees, and citizens are free to demonstrate for increase of social freedoms, but government officials are instructed to only pay lip service, and no actual changes will be made.

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