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Stuff...   I Mean, What to say.. well, What to say FIRST..

I did a friday close at work last week and it was alright, I did a saturday close this week, which i am writing this off of the back of, and that was alright too.
I've decided i like it more when it's mad busy, so thurs/fri/sat nights. There are more 'fun' moments and you get more of a sense of 'this is the job you are being PAID to do' on a friday and saturday night it IS hard, it IS stressful. But it's also a pub, people are in good spirits and generally have a sense of humor about things. If on a friday night, for example, you have a glass shortage and so all the glasses are hot straight out of the glass wash people are going to respond to a joke about ''don't worry i'm not having a quick fiddle, i'm cooling your glass down.. cos i assume you don't want a hot glass!'' 

Clearing up after a friday or saturday night can be hard. There's usually broken glass somewhere, there are people who won't get the message that it's closing time and they need to go home now. Also, of course, all the glasses have to be washed, all the bar stuff, the mats and the ashtrays - ew.

I wasn't in the best of moods going into work this evening as the Fairford air show, which i'd bent over backwards to make sure i had the time off for and could go to, was cancelled due to the grounds being too wet. I don't really show things much and this is no exception, but i am really pissed off with this outcome cos i was REALLY looking forward to it.  Ho hum, Oh well.

Of course i have a job now, which means money that is mine because i earned it. being a minimum wage job i don't earn much, but i earn enough to take my friends out for a drink, contribute to shopping and spend 'MY OWN' money on the kids.

Also it means I can buy stuff for me, like i said not much, as it's a minimum wage job, but things like CDs, the odd bit of clothing, or even just magazines and other assorted crap.

I've still got THE HORN for something female, it's getting bad enough to do something about soon. It's made worse by the fact that i find our pub manager astonishingly attractive, I just want to Do Things..

Everyone seems to like me at work, which is good, my till so far has always been up or spot on, which is also good.

I think i'm a bit of a slow worker when it comes to cleaning down, i'm sure that as i pick things up i'll get faster, but i'm paranoid that i'm slow anyway.

i've got back into the rhythm of serving people in this capacity quite quickly, and it's something i actually enjoy doing. I'm enjoying getting to know a different mix of people than those i would normally meet and it's giving me that 'something' back that recently i feel has been lacking.

I'm developing a new appreciation for adrenalin, as it's what's pumping through your veins on a friday and saturday night as the bar is rammed with people all claiming that they were next. Also you need to be on the lookout... Are they old enough? Are they too drunk to be served? are they going to try and fuck you about?

People can be So fucking rude.

& People can be Such fucking pigs

-But i love it, i love this level of interaction with this varied a range of people. I can feel that this job is doing me alot of good. I can feel that it's getting rid of all the layers of 'soft' that have accumilated over recent years.


I like this.

I like the fact that i feel more REAL now.

I'm back in touch with the street.

My feet are back on the ground.

That feeds me in a way that nothing else can.

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