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*Long Loud Sigh*

Didn't get the nice restfull sleep last night that i was hoping for, But after arriving home tonight to find the house empty i'm at a loss about what to do.

I'm listening to some tunes newly downloaded off of audiogalaxyand hoping that Pete phones me sometime soon to confirm tomorrow's plans.

I've been feeling a little lower today, cheered up briefly only by the sound of EzE's voice (once at work and once on the way home). He's out with mates, and is likely to be for a while. I decided not to meet him where he was after i got in from work because i'm feeling quite touchy & don't want to irritate or embarrass him.

Hopefully i'll get a little sleep and Pete will phone before EzE gets home, which will mean i feel a little happier (rest for obvious reasons & Pete phoning because i don't like unsettled plans, makes me preoccupied and on edge) and hopefully EzE will be in a good mood when he gets in, I very nearly got to the point of being afraid of him last night, which made me more clingy and upset, which of course made things worse.


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Apr. 12th, 2002 01:51 am (UTC)
Afraid of eze? Aaw how come?

Anyway I remarked to him that you should have come out - you would have enjoyed it and the socialising is always good.. it's just at home that he needs more space I think. Aah well just my observations.

Anyway I have a mild hangover now... lol
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