Snoweh (goddesssnoweh) wrote,

Things I have noticed about myself. (Beware! Swearing!)

I shall title this post.. OMG, That's really fucking weird.

1. When I sleep my core body temperature significantly rises to the point that i can (and often do) Heat up a room. - That's Really Fucking Weird.

2. When I injure myself I don't bruise untill 2 or 3 days afterwards. Everytime. - That's Really Fucking Weird.

3. When I use my trusty MX1000 cordless mouse the range before the signal corrupts is cut to about a meter. When someone else comes along and uses my trusty MX1000 cordless mouse the signal is fine at a distance where it's unusable by me. - That's Really Fucking Weird.

If anyone in LJ-Land can shed any light on these oddities or maybe just some theories as to why i seem to be so very physiologically strange please feel free to comment :)

Especially the sleeping thing. People who have slept in the same bed as me will be able to vouch for this.


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